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Tree Removal Service

Tree removal is the necessary process of cutting down and eliminating trees from a specific area. Whether it’s due to safety concerns, diseased or damaged trees, urban development, or landscaping purposes, tree removal requires careful planning and execution.

Saanich BC Tree Service Goals

At Saanich BC Tree Service, we take pride in being the leading tree care specialists in the beautiful region of Saanich, British Columbia. With years of experience and a team of dedicated arborists, we are committed to providing top-notch tree services to homeowners, businesses, and public spaces throughout the area.

Let our Team Do The Work For you

Tree Removal Saanich BC Professional Tree Service

At Saanich BC Tree Service, we understand that some trees are beyond recovery, making removal necessary. We safely remove trees using state-of-the-art equipment and industry best practices. Each Saanich BC Tree Service location is locally owned and operated with the backing of a nationally recommended company, which allows our team to provide comprehensive services at a price that’s cost-effective for you.

Our Local Tree-Removal Services

Tree removal services encompass different tree and stump removal methods, including crane-assisted tree removal and stump grinding.

Standard Tree Removal

We remove smaller trees with a standard team of arborists working quickly and safely. Whether it’s removing a dead tree, taking down a damaged or diseased tree, or hauling away a fallen trunk or branches, we’ll get the job done. Our teams of certified arborists have undergone rigorous training and have at least three years of experience each before applying for certification. We put that knowledge and expertise to work for you.

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

Using a crane is a safe and effective way to remove large or unwieldy trees. Not only does it reduce the time spent removing the tree, it also leaves minimal impact on the surroundings. With the crane, we won’t need to fell the tree before cutting sections away. Instead, our team performs a controlled cut, removing sections with care and hauling them away.

Stump Grinding

Over time, leaving a stump in the ground can become an inconvenience and an eyesore. Rather than trying to dig up and remove a stump, our team specializes in stump grinding as a far more efficient and less intrusive option. Combine tree & stump removal to clear your yard all at once.

How to Tell If Your Tree Needs to Be Removed

We consider many factors to determine if your tree is a fall risk. Saanich BC Tree Service take note of the whole tree, the ground, the trunk, and the crown. This way, we can decide if your tree is potentially dangerous and a risk to you or your neighbor’s home.

Call for an evaluation if you notice any of these signs:

Cosmetic Tree Removal

You may also decide to remove a tree because it’s growing into or near power lines, growing within falling distance of your home, or obstructing the view of traffic. We also remove trees that are interfering with the growth or health of trees nearby. From thinning overcrowded trees to making room for a new expansion to your home, sometimes, a tree needs to be cut down to make way for something else.

Find Professional Tree-Removal Service Near Me

Ensure the safety of your family and your property, remove damaged or worrisome trees from your landscaping, and make cosmetic changes that make your yard feel more like home. We go above and beyond to care for your well-being and the safety of your property – get your free estimate online or call 778 718 4430 to schedule service today!

Tree Service

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remove a tree?

When determining the price for our tree-cutting service, we take numerous factors into account. These include the location and accessibility of the tree, its height and size, specific requirements from the client, the necessary equipment and crew, as well as safety and risk considerations. Our team of professionals conducts a thorough assessment to present you with transparent pricing options upfront, empowering you to make an informed decision.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover preventative tree removal?

Regarding homeowner’s insurance coverage, removal of a fallen tree due to certain natural causes may or may not be covered. If you opt to remove a tree as a preventive measure to avoid potential future damage, the cost may need to be borne out of pocket.

Can removing a tree cause foundation problems?

Trees with roots extending beneath or near your foundation could lead to settling issues upon removal, as the decaying roots may cause soil displacement. However, it’s essential to note that trees that already have roots growing into or around your foundation pose greater problems, making it advisable to remove such concerning trees.

Can I remove a tree myself?

While DIY tree removal may seem like an option at times, especially for smaller trees, it is not recommended, especially for trees taller than 10 feet. Tree removal is a hazardous task that requires proper licensing, permits, and expertise. In the event of an accident resulting in injury or property damage during DIY removal, you could be held liable for all associated costs.

As a professional service, we take care of obtaining the necessary permits when required. Additionally, our team is well-versed in identifying potential health issues in trees. Should we encounter any signs of decay or rot during the removal process, we are equipped to handle such situations, ensuring complications are avoided. Our priority is to deliver safe and reliable tree-cutting services while safeguarding both your property and our team’s well-being.

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